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Questions? Contact us

artattackaz@gmail.com IMPORTANT!



*You must have a TPT license

to participate in shows as a vendor.

Business Name: ____________________________________

Phone: _______________ Cell Phone:__________________

Applicant Name: ____________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

City:_______________________ State: _____ Zip: _______

TPT License #: ___________________________(required)*

E-mail: _________________________ Emergency # ______________

Description of items for sale (please be specific): All items must be listed and approved. Only items on this list will be allowed.







Qualifications: If you are a potential new vendor, Email photos of your work or items for sale AND photos of your presentation or booth. These are necessary to make appropriate placement for your product and to avoid duplication of product. Wait for a notification of acceptance before sending in the application and payment. After reviewing your photos we will let you know the status of your request to participate in our art shows. Your photos will be kept on file so you only have to send them one time. Acceptance letters are not sent out – incomplete applications will be returned.

Space fees:

10x10 $135

10x15 $175

10X20 $225

10x30 $335

All payments must be received in advance. Sorry, no credit or debit cards. There is an additional charge of $30 if payment is not received one month prior to the event. No discounts, rain dates or refunds. No exceptions.

Booth Assignments: Booth assignments and mandatory Artist's parking

area are given when you set up for the show. Artists’ employees/guests that sit in Artist’s booth must park in Artist Parking. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons. Spaces will not be assigned without full payment. Special requests will be considered but not guaranteed. Staking or anchoring is prohibited. We reserve the right to restrict product in order to have a well-balanced show. Sign up early as booth spaces are limited.

Displays: Canopies must be ALL WHITE and 40# attached weight on

each corner – water jugs & cinder blocks are not allowed. No weights – no set up. Tables without canopies are allowed with weights. Tables must be fully draped to the ground. Exhibitors are responsible for all display materials. Displays are required to be tasteful and professional with the intent of attracting customers. Art Attack AZ must deem all items uniquely appropriate. Wholesale, retail, self-promotion, garage sale or flea market items are not permitted.

Show hours and set up: Set up is after 2pm the day before the show and

7-9:30am the day of the show. Be ready for business at 10 am. All artists must check in and booth space paid prior to setting up. For safety reasons, no vehicles are permitted in the show area after 9:30 am. Show hours are 10-5pm Friday & Saturday and Sunday 10-4pm. All artists are expected to participate for the full show unless otherwise approved. There will be nightly security.

Artists responsibilities: Artists must park in designated parking area only. Over-sized vehicles need prior approval. Artists are responsible for their own trash prior, during and after the show. Artists that leave trash of any sort will not be invited back. No smoking or disposal of smoking materials on the show premises. Only sell to customers that are in your booth – no hawking. Signs that promote your business are allowed. Not allowed are signs of any kind or size that indicate a price reduction (50% off – close out sale) or ANYTHING political – including handouts, t-shirts, hats, signs, etc. Early breakdown without permission will forfeit future shows. Each artist is responsible for their own set up and breakdown. Violation of rules of professional conduct, political commentary or parking will result in the artist being asked to leave and a refund of the show fee WILL NOT be issued. Artists should possess all state, county, city licenses and/or permit for the venue. Food related & home baked artists must be in compliance with the proper health department.

Liability Waiver/Hold Harmless: I release and hold harmless Art Attack

Az, the property owner, property management company, tenants, agents, employees, Kevin Sack, Nancy Criswell, Bill Criswell, and any and all other businesses associated with the above, harmless of and from any and all liability including, but not limited to, theft, adverse weather conditions, closure due to public safety, and further fully indemnify and hold harmless the aforementioned from any and all damages arising from my/your participation and/or conduct in this Arts and Crafts Show. In fairness to all, I understand that Art Attack Az reserves the right of final acceptance of all event participants (artists) and their products. If you are not accepted, your application & booth space fee will be returned. We do not send acceptance letters.


After being notified of acceptance to a show, please fill out the show

location & date you are applying for and MAIL the application &

booth payment to the address below. You can apply for multiple

locations with one application. EMAILED APPLICATIONS ARE NOT




   u I have read, understand, and agree to abide by all regulations               and  stipulations stated in this document.

Please print:

Date of show: _____________________________________

Size of space: ___________ Number of spaces: __________

Amount enclosed: __________

Special Request:  __________________________________



Vehicle: Make/Model/Color/License # and state of Issue:


Signed: ___________________________________

Date: ______________

Please attach a business card to your signed application

Photos (check one) Mailed_______ emailed__________

Make checks to Art Attack Az and mail to:

Nancy Criswell

3512 Musgrave Ct.

Manhattan, Kansas 66503


(for first time applicants)

print application form