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First, read the application to see if you qualify. Your canopy must be white and have AT LEAST 40# WEIGHTS on each leg. (water weights or cinder blocks are not allowed). If you choose to participate without a canopy, be prepared for the wind and weather and secure your product at night.

Second, email a picture of your product and your booth. This will enable us to open a vendor file and we will let you know if your category has openings.

Third, mail your application and booth payment.

Fourth, we do not send an acceptance email. If your category is full or you are not accepted as a vendor, your application and check will be returned.

Fifth, set up is 2pm the day before the show begins or sun up show day. There are no rain dates or refunds. We have night security.

Sixth, you must park in the area designated for vendors. Unload your product and move your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid congestion. If you do not follow the rules of the show, you will be asked to leave and pack up at the end of the day. A refund will not be issued. All vendor employees or helpers sitting in your booth must also park in vendor parking. NO EXCEPTIONS. Vendors that have medical conditions must have prior approval to park closer to the show.

Seventh, enjoy the show and make some money!!